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Set Design - Theater

"That is what the title of artist means: One who perceives more than his fellows, and records more than he sees."

                                             - Edward Gordon Craig

I believe that the greatest service any set designer can bring to the table of production is a growing awareness of all of the elements of the world and time and how those elements can connect with the goals of his theater collaborators. Towards that end, I've collected the following items:

  • A keen awareness of theater and world history.

  • A keen ability to draw and paint.

  • An experienced facility with hand and CAD drafting.

  • A knowledge and working experience with carpentry, rigging and prop-making.

  • An appreciation for and a working experience with stage lighting equipment and systems.

  • A working experience with projection systems.

  • A working experience with budgeting platforms and software.

  • A working experience with scheduling platforms and software .

Art Direction - Live Events

"Go ahead. make one more change!"

  - in the spirit of Dirty Harry.

I have over 15 years of experience as an Art Director for live events - delivering presentation and performance environments for corporate industrials, conventions, fundraisers, and live concerts. In this capacity I have been responsible for the creative vision, the look, the feel, and the tone of each project. And to be the nexus point of all visual views for the event and  to create and manage a singular vision for the client and audience.


In this regard, listed below are a few of the skills that I bring to the task:

  • Able to manage a team of service providers and in-house production teams towards the final goals of the event.

  • Supports and enforces quality control standards with vendors and freelancers.

  • Produces expressive/creative ideas with Design Teams and translates those ideas into visual representations in form from renderings based on 3D models and Schematic Design Documents.

  • Determines design decisions and solutions as problems arise or adjustments are needed.

  • Create new and thought provoking concepts and designs, engagement strategies, mood boards and operationalized presentations for clients and internal organization usage.

  • Attends site visits and onsite meetings during pre production & activation.

  • Function as an active listener, capable of hearing, prioritizing and translating client situation, marketing goals and information into strategic brand concepts and engagements.

  • Provides leadership/motivation and conveys the vision and values of the agency to staff.

  • Research & stay apprised of the latest trends in design & technology and incorporate these trends into current event designs.

  • Maintain general industry relationships and work with PR to promote company designs & achievements.


  • Google Doc & Google Drive Platform, MS Office, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet software, Email, Database software, 3D Software, PhotoShop, Illustrator and AutoCAD.

Art Direction - TV/Film

"The Production Designer [Art Director] is responsible for everything you see on the screen that doesn't move. What is this world that these writers have created in their minds and have written about? And how do you make that into a real three-dimensional living thing that actors [and cameras!] move into? It's our job to bring that to life."

                - Garvin Eddy

After working in this field for over twenty years - on union, non-union, and independent productions - I have a highly-developed sense for the essence and the "rhythm" of a production. I have found that these are absolutely essential qualities for any good Art Director in a TV environment. it also helps to have the following skill sets:

  • An excellent working knowledge of history and visual styles.

  • An exceptional imagination that can easily be communicated in 2D, as well as in 3D, terms.

  • A working knowledge of drafting.

  • An ability to see a space or a setting in 360 degrees.

  • An appreciation for the "language" of the camera.

  • A working knowledge of a variety of resources and personnel equal to one's task.

  • An affinity for problem-solving.

  • Strong organizationbal skills.

  • Strong budgeting skills.

Production Management

"Hurry up and make a way for folks to do their jobs!"

                   - Eddie Brantley, production manager for the Ampersand Group.


There's an aspect of all productions that requires a unique focus on the "machinery" of it all. From the delivery of supplies and resources to the management of labor and time, attention must be paid to the day-to-day coordination of stuff and people that will inevitably lead to a finished show and final presentation(s). I have done this for educational, corporate, and non-profit concerns.

Below is a selected listing of clients/employers for whom, over a 25 year period, I have provided this service as either a Technical Director or as a Production Manager:

  • Spelman College - Technical Director

  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Production Manager

  • BET-TV - Production Director, COMIC VIEW, TRI-STAGE

  • Windward Middle School - Technical Director

  • The Morgan-Wixson Theatre - Technical Director

  • Risarc, LLC, The Carribbean Classic Golf International - Art Director/Production Manager

Any good production begins and ends with good planning and follow-through.

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