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National Indian Gaming Association - Designs for Annual Convention

In 2000, I began a six-year relationship with the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA). It began with my being hired to design, build and install a single stage setting for one of the events occurring during this organization’s national convention.


However, they were so impressed with my efforts that year that it soon evolved into them hiringmy services on an annual basis. I very soon became their overall Art Director and therefore provided all of the design and promotional support services for the entire convention each year for the next several years.


My services usually included designing and supervising the installation on one Gala performance stage; three meeting rooms and their subsequent stages; an Intro Kiosk to the overall event; collaboarting with the projection specialists on image preparations and presentations; and participating in preparing artwork for various promotional literatures throughout the event. Additionally, I often developed, and/or collaborated in developing, preliminary budgets, schedules, and priority lists for producing all of the various settings.

Also, I interfaced with a variety of NIGA organizational representatives; set construction company reps; furniture rental reps; hotel/convention hall reps; advertising/promotion reps; and set, lighting, sound, rigging and projection technicians in orchestrating the overall look of the convention.

RETURN TO FREEDOM - Spirit of the Horse Fundraiser

From 2007 to 2012, I was hired by the RETURN TO FREEDOM ORGANIZATION, as their Production Designer, to design, build, and install settings and décor for their annual, outdoor fundraising event.


Fundamentally, my responsibilities revolved around my coordinating with the various lighting, sound and projection companies, catering companies, tent providers, decorating companies and programming officials within the organizational team in order to  develop an overall Site Plan for the event. Once the site plan was agreed upon I then designed and coordinated with about 2 to 6 carpenters and/or painters to help me build the built a variety of stages, booths, and decorated environments that would be distributed throughout the grounds of this event. As well as hiring a basic installation crew to help install all of the settings and decorations within the venue, I also would usually manage anywhere from 6 to 20 volunteers to help with the installation logistics and the exact placements of every visual thing required within the outdoor venue – which usually was a polo field.



In 2009, I was hired by the Risarc Medical Consulting Company to be their Production Art Director and create designs and production management for their annual CARIBBEAN CLASSIC GOLF INTERNATIONAL (CCGI). This was a multiple day event (5 days) in Jamaica that required their open-air, outdoor venue (at Rose-Field Hall) to be transformed into a fully functioning presentation stadium. And on each of those five days the stadium and its environs had to transform and accommodate a completely different type of entertainment presentation - from live event, comedy show, music performance, to a kick-boxing sports presentation.


My job required that I should first of all coordinate ideas and logistics with the key client (Risarc, LLC) as well as with a variety of event producers - a stadium rigging company, lighting, sound and projection companies, catering companies, tent providers, decorating companies and programming officials, etc. – on the planning and logistics for their respective activities. And from those collaborations I was then responsible for creating an overall Site Plan for the event. The entire event was televised to American and European concerns, so I also had to confer with a variety of television producers and technicians about their on-site needs.


In addition to all this there were several other off-venue locations near the stadium that I was charged with designing and decorating for a variety of different celebration, party, and meeting events.


I was hired by the McDonald’s Corporation and The Future Agency, as their Art Director, to design, build, and install settings and décor for their annual, gospel choir competition and fundraiser called the McDONALD’S GOSPELFEST.


My job required that I design and build a stage setting for this event each year. Early on in the design phase I would often develop preliminary budgets and priority lists for producing the set. I usually hired one to two other carpenters to help me build the settings. But after trucking the scenery to the venue (The Shrine Auditorium) I had to let these people go and only work with the union crews. From that point on I collaborated with the union hands there on the installation and crewing of the movement of the scenery during the performances.


Additionally, I coordinated my plans and priorities with those of the designated lighting, sound and lighting designers, as well as with the rigging and crew leads.

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