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This originally was a rather heavy and stolid-looking bedroom - with pink walls! Fortunately it had a great set of windows and french doors that allowed plenty of eastern sunlight. These items lightened up the whole room and I knew that somehow we needed to take advantage of that!


Our charge was to transform the room into a cheerful and playful, children's Play and Bedroom for the client's daughter. In addition the client wanted several unique elements included in the plan - such as a Murphy Bed, a Swing-and-Slide set, a Playhouse, a Reading Area, a Surprise Sliding Wall, and murals on every wall in the room!

After a bit of head scratching and serious "elbow grease", we were able to accomplish what at first seemed an impossibility. We even included the transformation of their double-door closet into a dual service recessed shelf unit for the Murphy Bed and a set of storage shelves for the child's toys!

RETURN TO FREEDOM - Barn Renovation

The owner wanted to transform her old barn into a versatile site for wedding rentals and meetings. This project is currently ongoing.

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